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Reggae Season

Giving thanks to the Almighty. Our new album Box Full of Steel hit #4 on the iTunes reggae album chart shortly after our performance at Party at the Point. Next, we found it debuted at #9 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart. Thanks to our friends at VP Records and VPAL for all the love.


We spent August 11-14 in New York City and Jamaica, Queens.

Sprinted straight from the airport to VP Records. It’s hard to articulate how deep a respect we have for that place. VP has an amazing history and is the force in Reggae, Dancehall and all their relatives. Here’s some quick history. Hip Hop traces it’s lineage from DJ Kool Herc who grew from a Jamaican music tradition. Electronic music is undeniably indebted to King Tubby, Scientist, Lee Perry and King Jammy who invented and specialized Dub. Make sense? This place is in control of the most influential music on the planet. So when we walked through the door we did so with reverence. We walked through endless shelves of vinyl. It’s like a museum. We saw endless promo posters of shows like Dancehall Sting and we met the legends that have helped to make so many of the records we love happen. Incredible.


Daddy Brady and Big Hair passed through Irie Jam Radio for an interview during the show hosted by Jabba from Massive B Soundsystem. Calli B was on the turntables and Marcus asked the questions. Marcus and Calli B both represent Platinum Kids Soundsystem who will be competing at the upcoming World Clash in Toronto. These are heavy hitters in Dancehall. So glad to build a vibe with everybody at Irie Jam.


The next evening we performed with British Dependency in Long Island City, Queens on the river. We are looking forward to collaborating with them again soon. Deep music. Blessed to know this crew.


B.B. Kings in Times Square was the next show. We guested with King Yellowman and performed our first single off Box Full of Steel. Uh-huh! Winston Foster (King Yellowman) is the King of Dancehall. No question. Kings are not elected. Papa Robbie toured with King Yellow for years. And we are grateful for that link. Writing, recording and performing this song with him is a pinnacle. Still raving, we deejayed a hard core afterparty with DJ Gringo of Stateside Revolution Soundsystem and The Joint (sirius xm) later on at Bar 13 with Junior Key and Kyenie.


The next morning we head to Sirius XM where we talked on The Joint with DJ Gringo. Gringo is eloquent and we enjoyed reasoning with him. Sirius is the truth. The whole experience was beautiful. We are so grateful.


First week of June we played with Mix Master Mike, Ky Mani Marley, DJ Qbert, Method Man and Red Man. Triple-S 2017 at Real Watersports in Waves, North Carolina. That’s OBX. Insane. Everybody’s performances were absolutely lit. We’ve been a part of the music scene in Charleston, South Carolina since 2002. We have been part of Triple-S since 2005. Thanks to Davey Blair for linking us up with the Real Watersports family. We sincerely wish we could bring Triple-S home to Charleston to do the same thing twice a summer.


The Dubplates trained as a traditional reggae riddim band. A traditional riddim band plays behind several artists a night. That means knowing all the classic and popular instrumental versions.


We’ve played for Sir Richard Branson on his own Neckar Island. We’ve played in Kingston. We’ve performed and recorded with artists from King Yellowman to Damian Marley to Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys.


We’ve sold bars out of liquor. We’ve sold bars out of business. Our equipment has been loaded into a container ships, unpacked on tropical docks and shipped back again. We’ve been threatened with deportation. We’ve been threatened with fame.


Our guitars have seen so much sweat that we’ve learned a regimen of rust-proofing our strings. Our dance-floors have started marriages and conceived children. In one case in South Carolina our dance-floor actually cracked in half. No matter what happens our job is the same. Force people to feel the love and happiness that lives in Reggae music. The dancehall is like Church to us and we love it bad. We’re stringing up another show soon and we want you there.


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